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Move your shooting skills to the next level!

Move your shooting skills to the next level!Move your shooting skills to the next level!

Static targets are unrealistic for real world tactical or survival situations. 

People, game, and objects move - especially once the shooting starts. 

Being well prepared requires proficiency in moving target engagement.

Shield Solutions, LLC - March 20, 2020

Shield Solutions, LLC in West Plains, MO purchased our portable mover. This is their first pistol class held on March 20, 2020. Our moving target system has taken their training to the next level. Check out their FB page at:

Shield Solutions LLC - May 1, 2020

Another great day of shooting moving targets at Shield Solutions on May 1, 2020. This time shooters faced remote control directional changes.

Instead of static training, enhance your shooting skills with a robust, remote controlled, DIY tactical moving target!

Technical Description


  • The target and carriage are cable driven by an industrial 0.5 HP motor powered by an industrial motor controller. Automation Direct, a factory automation leader, provides the motor and controller.

  • This carriage/target receives direction and speed from an intelligent wireless controller. The wireless remote control contains a self-contained computer with software that transmits, via a proprietary wireless communications link, commands of Forward, Reverse, Stop, and Speed changes.

  • A base controller that includes a second self-contained computer controls the entire target system and embedded software monitors the carriage/target location. When the carriage/target reaches either end of rail, direction is reversed. The software controls the speed of travel from input by either a control knob or the wireless remote control.

  • With this setup, a training session can begin simple with basic moving target exercises and progress to complicated scenarios involving stopping, changing direction, speeding up, slowing down, etc.

Price List

Prices do not include SHIPPING and HANDLING

Badlands Tactical

Badlands Tactical employs two installations for instruction.

Check out their Moving Target Engagement Course and the student video below.

Please contact us with questions.

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